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We are proud to announce our expansion into iPhone application programming. If you have an interesting idea or concept you would like to see implemented, please contact us.

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It's about getting it done....

And sometimes when managing large and complex problems this never happens. Our approach to Project Management starts with understanding the problem - completely - before moving forward. Technical projects, especially software development, is difficult. Without understanding there is no chance of control.

The next key component is flexibility. Often there are system, time, operational or political constraints that threaten to strangle your project. In thinking outside of the box, we are certain there is always a way to move forward.

Interested ? We would like to hear from you now.

Flash! Livetrack 24 version 2.0 now in the AppStore (as of July 3, 2014)
The user manual can be found here as a pdf file.

Cross Country Magazine was kind enough to give us mention; thank you!